Facetime for iPhone: How to Use Facetime (iPad, iPhone, iPod)

FaceTime is a video telephony app for an iOS device as well as Mackintosh using OS X 10.9.2 and higher. FaceTime for iPhone was announced by then CEO of Apple Inc. Mr Steve Jobs on 7th of June in the year of 2010. Back then it was available for all iPhones of 4th generation with a front facing camera and also for Mackintosh PCs equipped with what has formerly known as an iSight, in general, a webcam. Facetime PC Windows was a name bought from another company using the same name which now works under the title of  Acitinca Inc. Earlier to use FaceTime there was a necessary need for a Wi-Fi connection but in the year of 2013 FaceTime developed itself to work on a carrier cellular data network. Presently it also works on 4G LTE service. FaceTime has also started its FaceTime Audio service which makes calls to other users over the internet using voice over internet protocol (VoIP) function and doesn’t cost any carrier network voice charges. You can download and install FaceTime app from Apple’s App Store if you are using iOS 7  or earlier version while it comes preloaded in newer versions.

Features and Benefits

  • It is useful for one-to-one video calls.
  • You can keep connected to your family and your loved ones wherever you go if you own an iPhone just FaceTime and call and within seconds to experience the closeness and comfort of being with loved ones.
  • International borders are no concern where ever you are FaceTime Audio will make sure that you can have an uninterrupted conversation with whomever you want to all you need is a good internet connection.

How to Use FaceTime?

FaceTime for iPhone is way too easy to use. Just download and install FaceTime app from Apple’s App Store open the app and call anyone you want but only those who too are connected through FaceTime app. You can be sure as whom are you calling has an unique Caller ID just like you which is synced with Apple’s ID so once you call that ID all the phones registered to that ID will start ringing simultaneously. Also there is an integrated feature in the in-call interface screen with just one tap you will be connected through FaceTime.


FaceTime for iPhone is a great app for video calling. It doesn’t support group video calls but surely specializes in one-to-one video calls. FaceTime Audio too is a great way to call people over internet and both the services don’t even cost a cent of your carrier’s talk time balance all you need is an internet connection either 3G/4G LTE or a Wi-Fi. Also all these calls aren’t intercepted by any third party as they are encrypted. Now this calls for a sure download of FaceTime app.


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