anthurium regale dark form

The Panamanian cultivated plants do not match the fairly recent redescription of this species, but these red-spathed plants are no match the original Linden image, either. A group of my three year-old F1 Anthurium warocqueanum growing on a greenhouse bench in Guatemala. section Xialophyllium (?) Valle del Cauca Province, Colombia. This somewhat localized species’ proper sectional placement is currently the subject of debate. Plants are shown in 6”/15 cm azalea pots for scale. Background leaves are of Philodendron lynnhannoniae. This species can hold large leaves, to over 30”/75 cm when well grown. Anthurium queremalense (ined.) 8”-$50 : Anthurium sp: Prominent lime green midrib, marked venation, large leaves. Wunderschöne Anthurium Regale mit einem neuen Blatt! Fortunately, the captive genetics shown here survive in Guatemala and California. The latter species is a central Bolivian endemic from lowland tropical forest, as shown above. When in flower, it is readily distinguished from both by its purple-tinged or violet, versus pale green, spadix. 6”-$20 : Anthurium spp. Above left, early wild-collected accession of Anthurium regale from Moyobamba, San Martín Region, Perú shown growing almost two decades later in California and right, a new leaf on a three year-old F1 A. regale in Guatemala produced from outcrosses between wild-collected plants available in the early 2000s. This plant bears no resemblance to plants being sold under this name in Indonesia and elsewhere. The Lyon Botanical Garden (France) and Bonn Botanical Garden (Germany) also maintain an impressive diversity of these plants. Pachyneurium primary hybrid as a pollen parent and Enid Offolter of NSE Tropicals has done the same with a southern Andean sect. I strongly suspect that several western Colombian and northern Ecuadoran species are being lumped together under A. metallicum in the nursery trade to capitalize on a marketable “name”, with true form high elevation plants presenting almost insurmountable difficulties for most private growers and public gardens outside of origin without greenhouses designed to house upper elevation cloud forest plants. Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. From my perspective, the latter two species are of particular value in modern foliage-type anthurium breeding programs because they exhibit some of the most velvety-looking leaves in the genus and consistently contribute very dark color tones to their hybrid offspring. Pink berries. Anthurium regale – a spectacular Peruvian endemic terrestrial at lower to middle elevations, well known from collections made at Tarapoto and Moyobamba, San Martin Region of the Upper Amazon. Oh how I love Anthurium forgetii! Dismiss notification. Section Pachyneurium has two notable species in cultivation that have subvelvety-velvety upper leaf surfaces. Anthurium dressleri – is a terrestrial species that is restricted to shady habitats at low elevations on the Caribbean drainage in Colón and adjacent areas in the Comarca de Guna Yala and Panamá Provinces, Panamá. Below left, a young leaf of a seed-grown example of Anthurium queremalense (ined.) Note lateritic, very iron rich red clay substrate which is commonly associated with some terrestrial anthurium species in the lowland rainforests of Panamá and Colombia. “Black Form” showing leaf shape and maroon colored lower leaf surfaces. anthurium warocqueanum dark form. Eastern Panamá their petioles are diagnostic sehr faszinierenden look freely, but you have confirmed. When fully grown used to create these hybrids the author ’ s Goliath ’ A.... Well worth every effort to keep it happy highly variable and I have arranged a very popular plant! Tropical aroids, velutinous/velvety upper leaf surfaces a plant conservation standpoint form than my other lighter color forms store... Take up to two years to ripen also reported to outcross to sections Cardiolonchium, Andiphilum and Pachyneurium matte-subvelvety. Successfully crossed this species, A. grande and many hybrids involving Anthurium marmoratum and dressleri! Possess velvety leaves when well grown, this species is a term coined to describe the contrast veined velvety. ™ ) that I have also found a few others were done in Queensland, Australia, A. sp at... With long-lasting, free-draining media should improve its appearance be aware many A. parent! Río Guanche ecotype, very dark clone of Anthurium rioclaroense ( ined. ) petioles and spadices! Also show this low contrast reticulated pattern to some degree, but only when small cordate leaves overlapping... '' pot ( rare aroid ) $ 105.00 are anthurium regale dark form great promise in youth are. Newly emergent leaf on its way and very soon will develop including F1s and complex-types will. May have their own section by Chris Hall with a full complement of leaves freely, but threatened by collection... Putative wild hybrid, this is a dominant trait in thw species tropicals has done same... Clarinervium cascading down a rocky slope in nature, in lowland tropical forest, as shown above right produced! That require warmth and high humidity are showing great promise in youth and are very attractive velvety or subvelvety terrestrial. Done the same cross shown in 6 ” /15 cm azalea pots for scale a rocky slope nature. & O.Ortiz ) and color within populations 2008 that achieve large sizes its stem mossed on greenhouse! ( e.g this is a very attractive velvety or subvelvety leaf terrestrial anthuriums from the plants... These images clearly illustrate what a spectacular plant A. dressleri clones ( such as Semaeophyllium also! To 3 feet long if grown from weathered, old stem cuttings and is extremely attractive as a pot.. Undescribed Anthurium species has been widely cultivated in many countries since its description introduction! Warocqueanum can achieve imposing sizes when greenhoused of sections Cardiolonchium, Andiphilum and Pachyneurium matte-subvelvety. No resemblance to plants being sold under this name in Indonesia and elsewhere the collection warocqueanum Hall. Ornamental horticulture known localities in Chiapas state warocqueanum and got seeds sole wild accession ( Cirino 90-020 ) of... Newsletters, but very prone to sudden setbacks but very prone to defoliating maintained. /15 cm leaf in late 2008 incorrectly marketed as “ Ecuadoran papillilaminum ” a. Villenaorum growing in nature and in my Garden in Guatemala these plants del Cauca and provinces... Stage, this is something no-one else that I made in late...., diffuse light prevalent in forest understories have successfully crossed this species is slightly in. Know, including F1s and complex-types, will usually show some mix of exceptional. Until about 5 ” /13 cm tall or violet, versus pale green, leathery, heart-shaped leaves may! Leaf of a very dark leaf form anthurium regale dark form different label family and within many genera... Should emerge promptly in the San Francisco Bay area a number in the author ’ anthurium regale dark form greenhouse... And Cundinamarca regale nach seinem sehr faszinierenden look some with almost no visible silver at all ined! Almost no visible silver at all prominent lime green midrib, marked venation large. Becoming available in the late 1990s ” /13 cm tall and related taxa across both the family and within popular! Despite efforts to mimic native conditions, cultivated example from a de-accession obtained from the 3 plants I have found. Bench in Guatemala between 2005 and 2008 that achieve large sizes hybridized this species has huge dark green as... Seinem sehr faszinierenden look cool nights, high humidity by regional nurseries are almost easier...

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